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The Neuroscience of Vocational Leadership

Energise People, Mobilise Teams and Connect the Culture with Higher Purpose, to raise the Emotional Intelligence of the entire organisation and Shift into FLOW©


Performance is a by-product of Purpose… Period.”

NOVO Leadership

Purpose gives meaning to what we do, it is our WHY… Therefore if individuals are motivated by a sense of purpose and contribution, then only a shared purpose can unite a group of individuals with collective values into a TEAM

Ask 100 CEO’s what they want or need in their organisation and they may describe it with words such as, selfless collaboration,” “more passion for customer,” “increased employee engagement,”, “servant leadership,” “great communication,” “more?,” However, what most leaders of organisations want has such emotional overtones that it can be very difficult to truly articulate it, or you might say they know what it is but just find the right word to describe it… At NOVO Leadership we describe it as FLOW©

An organisation is in FLOW© when the platforms for positive behavioural change, (energised individuals) innovation and continuous improvement, (mobilised teams) and the promotion of humanised best practice, (connected organisations) are aligned and focused by common values.

How We Partner With You

At NOVO Leadership International we blend science, experience and passion to partner with your HR and current Talent Management resources to enhance effectiveness and develop a system for Self-Perpetuating Growth…

Using our proprietary processes of Dynamic Enquiry and Development Needs Analysis we will work with you through an Alignment Consultation to define the needs of your Organisation and apply the necessary elements of our systems to shift your cultural norms to a progressive state of ‘Future Present Reality, and create an established talent succession pipeline.

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Leadership Programs & Coaching

The fact is leadership cannot simply be taught, it must be experienced. Our three Emotional Connection, (emc2©) Leadership Coaching Programs, Workshops and Academy are designed to service every leadership level and can be customised to your organisation’s needs. Uniquely our systems allow leaders to apply directly what they have learned; a repeatable,  self perpetuating process… Chang can only begin when emotionally intelligent leaders create a platform where everyone can actively question the emotional reality and the cultural norms of the organisation.

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Executive Consultancy

Executive Consultancy offers a fresh perspective on strategic direction, cultural coherence, talent pipeline gap analysis and succession planning, and holistic preparation pathway to Industry 4.0. At NOVO our real world experience across three continents also allows us to offer Executive Interim Management solutions in all aspects of Operations and Supply Chain.

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Cultural Transformation

The proven and proprietary process, methodology and ethos of LEAN Leadership©, enveloped in an Operational Excellence Trifecta© can integrate to support and complement our Leadership Programs. Raising the vibrational energy and emotional intelligence of your entire organisation will bring the future into the present.. When you shift to vocational leadership and contribution, (purposeful performance) you achieve cultural coherence and massively increase productivity with a sustainable model for continual improvement through ‘NOVO FLOW©’

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Outsourcing Management

With demonstrated success in Asian, European, North and South American markets we offer a reliable, customised and cost effective partnership to help you outsource solutions for specific functions or long term projects. This includes vendor selection, strategy, auditing, management and scorecard development.

“Vocational Leadership© from a personal perspective is to transcend self actualisation by making it your lives vocation to be a better you for the higher purpose of serving others and the greater good.

NOVO Leadership


When you energise individuals to a better awareness of choice and shift their mindsets to a higher level of consciousness and wellbeing, you expand and internalise their desire to BE more Engaged.

Shift the Paradigm from What do I need to DO to Who do I need to BE

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“Vocational Leadership© from a team perspective is to transcend Ego and disseminate autonomy by making it your teams vocation to learn the ability to create cascading micro cultures for the higher purpose of emotional collective experience.

NOVO Leadership


When you mobilise departments and teams to a higher level of collective consciousness through a sustainable methodology that leads change at a micro level, you create the conditions to steer a common-unity of emotions in a positive direction…

Shift the paradigm from the Subconscious Ego ME in a team to the Collective Conscious Collaborative WE as a team.

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“Vocational Leadership© from an organisational perspective is to transcend performance management by making it your organisations vocation to promote contribution, value and best practice for the higher purpose of creating a self-fulfilling coaching culture.

NOVO Leadership


When you connect the organisation through micro cultures and higher self concepts,  and shift the leadership platform from Communication to Connection you create the conditions to transcend culture and transform the emphasis from performance to contribution and value, and achieve far better sustainable results.

Shift the paradigm from Past Present Reality to Future Present Reality and an Organisation that can sustain FLOW©

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“The company are at the forefront of evolving academic and professional education systems, laying the foundation for a global society dedicated to the principle of Purpose Driven Organisations and Leadership as a Personal Vocation for everyone….”

NOVO Leadership

George Campbell


George is a highly successful, value driven, multi-cultural leader with over 25 years’ experience in shaping and directing large corporate organizations. From driving diverse global, multi-discipline teams to being directly responsible for Operations generating billions of dollars in revenue, George has held Vice President, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer roles in four Fortune-500 companies.

Having lived all over the world his senior Management experience includes Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering, HR, Program Management, etc. with an in-depth experience of leading large outsourcing operations, controlling a spend of $11Bn across 10 countries and 4 different continents.

With a love of People, Leadership and high-performance teams George’s passion is in eliciting that greatness we all have within us, thus meeting the challenge of developing talent strategies lead by higher collective purpose and a cultural structure fit for future purpose.

Derek Mair


Derek is an experienced & award winning Leadership Coach and Executive Consultant with an extensive background in high-impact change programs. With 20 years of corporate experience spanning three continents in which he has have lived and project managed the start-up of manufacturing Operations and Divisions for Fortune-500 companies… He has held senior global positions including Customer interfacing roles with Blue-Chip companies.

Having built high performance teams worldwide and coached many executive teams Derek has devoted his time over the past 10 years to help others exceed their potential through the development and implementation of world class leadership and cultural transcendence systems.

Derek is passionate about enabling a pathway to enterprise transformation through a mindset shift in conscious awareness at all levels designed to help corporations adopt new ways of BEING, what he calls “Novo Modus Humana”, (New Human Ways).

Together these two leaders blend the latest scientific research with up to date, real world corporate working experience and corresponding years of advancement in proven leadership and change systems. They are dedicated, with a team of professionals and an expert scientific advisory panel, to delivering a holistic pathway to your future organizational design needs, and Industry 4.0… changing corporations from the inside out.




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